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His wife said he was “cursed with clarity.” His supporters saw that clarity as refreshing in a world of fuzzy, ideologically-driven curricula. His opponents, the math education elites, suggested a party upon his death. His legacy shows that courage for clarity is still wanted today by millions of students.

John Saxon's Story

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All proceeds go to West Point’s Department of Mathematical Sciences to honor LTC John Saxon and his legacy as a math teacher, author, and publisher.

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On curriculum: Results, not methodology, should be the basis for curriculum decisions. Results matter.

On textbooks: The idea that children can be taught from books that are unintelligible to adults is absurd. This should be our first check from now on: If we can’t read and understand the book, then the book is unsatisfactory.

On math leaders: To be dogmatic is one thing, but to be so wrong that it prevents others from trying to end the disaster is totally inexcusable.

On “creative thinking”: Creativity can be discouraged or encouraged, but “creativity” cannot be taught.

On “critical thinking”: The use of productive thought patterns can be taught, but the act of “critical thinking” cannot be taught.

On “reasoning”: Educators cannot teach students to reason; they can hope only to provide students with the skills to reason. Prevailing math teaching methods fail to do that.

On fads: By asking math teachers of America to adopt the new list of fads without testing them, you will cause the gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged to widen…inner city schools are so bad they will do anything that [NCTM] say[s] so they can protect their rear ends.

On his work: I believe I’ll be proven right by 2015 or 2020.

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