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Nakonia (Niki) Hayes

Nakonia (Niki) Hayes

Nakonia (Niki) Hayes retired from public education in 2006 in Seattle, WA, after 28 years as a teacher, counselor, and principal. She was introduced to Saxon Mathematics on the Spokane Indian Reservation (preschool-12) in 1991-1994 as a teacher/principal. Then as a principal in Seattle, she implemented the use of Saxon materials at North Beach Elementary School in 2001, where it is still used today. It has been the only school (of 67) in the district that uses Saxon Mathematics as the K-5 curriculum.

Ms. Hayes is certified and experienced in grades 6-12 journalism, grades 4-12 mathematics, kindergarten-12 counseling and special education, and preschool-12 administration. She has taught special education, regular education, and gifted middle school students in mathematics.

She also worked for 17 years outside of public education in journalism as a news reporter, public information officer, and speech writer for legislators in Wisconsin and Texas.

Most of her published articles listed on the Internet are about mathematics education and special education. Earlier publications were about contemporary American Indian issues. After her retirement, Ms. Hayes returned to Texas, where she had taught for 19 years. She lives in Waco and can be contacted at

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